Dentures/False teeth

Dentures should be comfortable and allow you to eat the food you choose. If they are loose, ill-fitting or painful, they're not doing their job.

We offer a complimentary consultation with our treatment coordinator to assess patients' individual needs, explain the options and help them make an informed decision.

Complete dentures replace all lost natural teeth and adjacent tissue in the upper and/or lower jaw. Our full dentures help you eat well, speak more clearly and restore sunken features around the mouth, lips and cheeks.

Partial dentures are for those who need a number of replacement teeth - for functional or aesthetic reasons - but for whom a bridge is unsuitable. Partial dentures are made from acrylic, or a mixture of acrylic and chrome.

Implant-retained dentures

Losing your teeth can be devastating. While dentures can be the solution, if they don't fit properly they can lead to reduced chewing ability and low self-esteem.

If conventional retention methods aren't working, it's time to look at Implant-retained dentures - supported by dental Implants, they often work and look like natural teeth. Their main advantage is that they can restore self-confidence and make it easy to eat, laugh and talk again without inhibition.

Implant-retained dentures - or denture stabilisation - work by securing the denture on two or more Implants. They often mean less of the mouth area is covered and they are easily removed for cleaning.