Unless you’re having a routine check-up or teeth cleaning session at
the dentist, you’d probably expect to have to make more than one
appointment. This is taken for granted when talking about tooth
restorations like crowns and veneers, which can mean several trips.
Your busy lifestyle makes this inconvenient, particularly when it means
taking time off work. And as nearly 50% of us admit to having some
level of fear of seeing the dentist (with 12% having extreme anxiety),
who wants to go more than they need to? Fortunately, the latest
innovation in dentistry technology means you can get your tooth
restorations sorted in a single visit.
Introducing Cerec
Forward-thinking dental practices are investing in Cerec, a CAD/CAM
(computer-aided design and manufacturing) milling and grinding
machine. This amazingly clever system produces a highly accurate
tooth restoration in four to twelve minutes, while you’re relaxing in the
waiting area. It’s then fitted during the same appointment. So how does
it work?
Less discomfort
Instead of the usual impression tray which can be unpleasant, a small
camera is used to make full colour, 3D images of the area to be
restored. The system software then analyses the scans and
recommends the best restoration options. Because the images are
displayed as a 3D rendering, the dentists and dental technicians can
see more clearly which restoration will best suit the patient.
Tooth-like zirconia
Once the design is chosen, a little block of a ceramic substance known
as zirconia (zirconium oxide) is placed in the machine, and the
software program sends detailed instructions for the milling/grinding.
Zirconia is the perfect material for crowns and veneers, as it has a

natural look and feel, is slightly translucent, plus is extremely durable.
The milling cubes come in a wide range of shades to match any tooth
colour. Cerec creates an incredibly accurate and finely milled
restoration in the time it takes you to enjoy a cup of tea. The final
touches, such as sintering, and glazing can be done while you’re back
in the chair. Once a perfect fit is confirmed, your crown, inlay or veneer
can be cemented in place. This video shows how a Cerec tooth
restoration is manufactured.
Hurrah for innovation
The latest dental technology like Cerec means visiting the dentist for
an inlay or crown requires minimum disruption to your schedule, and
you know you’re being precisely fitted with a beautifully natural and
resilient restoration. Cerec means no impression trays, less
inconvenience and greater satisfaction. Does your dentist offer Cerec
tooth restorations?

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